Bodyline is a performance that generates a drawing in the shape of a tattooed line on the artists’ body.

Collectors can buy a part of this line for a price, per millimeter.

The line grows together with the list of collectors, which is to be shown in exhibitions.

The line itself is never shown in public.

Only curators get to see the line, thereby becoming witnesses.

The line starts one hundred millimeters above the right ankle, and moves up vertically.

The line moves always straight.

Although direction-changes in degrees can be bought, they are limited to one for each buyer.

Collecting millimeters of line is unlimited.

Changes may appear in places they were not expected; thus, the line develops its own dynamics.

For more info see contact below.

At exhibitions bodyline consists of: List of collectors, Artist and Curator


  • 2015 at Academy of applied arts Vienna
  • 2015 at Künstlerhaus Vienna
  • 2016 at Belas-Artes Lisbon
  • 2016 at Desterro Lisbon
  • August 2020 Galeria Leosandro Vincitelli, Porto

list of collectors

April 2015
Rick Lins mm 0-10
Mara Novak mm 10-15
Laurel Severin mm 15-20
June 2015
Pavel Szostak mm 20-21
Rebecca Hagg mm 21-22
Cornelia Frischauf mm 22-23
Franz Spencer mm 23-25
Emmanuel Troy mm 25-30
Christopher Bohlen mm 30-32
Nita Tandon mm 32-33
Eugen Wist mm 33-35
Peter Fritzenwallner mm 35-37
September 2015
Sammlung Land Vorarlberg mm 37-57
Michael Raehle mm 57-60
Manuela Lins mm 60-70
Shaan Marrotte mm 70-72
Esther Martinez Reis mm 72-75
December 2015
Flora Hauser mm 75-79
David Moises mm 79-83
Michael Heindl mm 83-87
Olivier Hoelzl mm 87-91
Karolina Preuschl mm 91-93
Jeremias Altmann mm 93-95
Jason Bunton mm 95-99
Anna Hostek mm 99-103
Julia Riederer 90º right
direction change
Philipp Friedrich mm 103-105
Sebastian Vonderau 45º left
direction change
Maria Leonardo mm 105-107
January 2016
Rick Lins mm 107-117
September 2016
Anonymous mm 117-118
December 2016
Lisa Grübl mm 118-119
January 2017
Rick Lins mm 119-129
Thomas Albert mm 129-130
Dagmara Wasik mm 130-131
Knut Klein mm 131-141
Rebecca Lins mm 141-143
December 2017
Frederik Steiner mm 143-144
January 2018
Rick Lins mm 144-154
May 2018
Vítor Israel mm 154-160
José Oliveira mm 160-200
January 2019
Rick Lins mm 200-210
June 2019
Chantal Meyer 60° left
direction change
Chantal Meyer mm 210-260
January 2020
Rick Lins mm 260-270
November 2020
Marija Velichkova 15° left
direction change
Marija Velichkova mm 270-272
Gabriela Bombarda mm 272-275
January 2021
Daniel Thiele 165° left
direction change
Sara Rafael mm 275-276
November 2023
Laurids Oder mm 276-286
Carla Filipe + Hugo Canoilas mm 286-287